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Student Information Management
Easily manage student data, including admissions, attendance, and academic records, in a centralized platform for improved organization and accessibility.
Attendance Tracking and Reporting
Seamlessly track student attendance and generate comprehensive reports to monitor and analyze attendance patterns, helping to enhance student accountability and identify areas for improvement
Collaborative Assignments and Grading
Facilitate seamless assignment distribution, submission, and grading processes, allowing teachers to provide timely feedback and students to track their progress, fostering a collaborative and efficient learning environment

Why Do the Schools Need School Management System?

Enhanced Administrative Efficiency

A school management system automates administrative tasks, reducing manual workloads and saving time for administrators

Seamless Communication

The system facilitates effective communication and collaboration between teachers, students, parents, and administrators, fostering stronger relationships and engagement.

Data-driven Decision Making

Schools can efficiently manage and analyze student and administrative data, enabling data-driven decision-making for better academic outcomes


School Management System Powerful

Our school management system revolutionizes the way educational institutions operate, providing a comprehensive platform to streamline various administrative tasks
Attendance Tracking
Effortlessly track student attendance and generate reports for accurate record-keeping.
Admissions and Enrollment

Streamline the admissions process, manage student enrollment, and generate admission reports

Gradebook Management
Manage student grades, calculate GPA, and provide timely feedback to students and parents.
Communication Tools

Enable seamless communication between teachers, students, parents, and administrators through messaging and announcements

Timetable Management

Create and manage class schedules, ensuring optimal utilization of resources and minimizing conflicts

Exam and Assessment Management
Simplify exam scheduling, conduct online or offline assessments, and generate result reports.
Library Management

Manage library resources, track books, facilitate online borrowing, and generate overdue notifications

Online Learning

Provide a platform for virtual classrooms, online assignments, and interactive learning materials

Staff Management
Handle employee records, attendance, leave management, and payroll processing.
Discipline and Behavior Tracking
Record and track student behavior, disciplinary actions, and interventions.
Parent Portal:

Provide parents with online access to student information, progress reports, and communication channels

Parent-Teacher Communication

Facilitate direct communication between parents and teachers through a dedicated portal .


Student Portal

Parents Portal


Teacher Portal

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Basic Plan

For Up to 250 Student
Minimum 100 Student

$8 / Student/Year
$59 / Year
  • 100 GB Disk Storage
  • Security management
  • Remote support

Premium Plan

For Up to 750 Student
Minimum 300 Student

$4 / Student/Year
$59 / Year
  • 200 GB Disk Storage
  • Security management
  • Remote support

Ultimate Plan

For Up to 1500 Student
Minimum 800 Student

$2.9 / Student/Year
$59 / Year
  • 250 GB Disk Storage
  • Security management
  • Remote support
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