Ramtha Souq – سوق الرمثا

Fekra – فكرة
September 8, 2020
Zeta lab
September 8, 2020

Ramtha souq helps people to list products, jobs, anything they need as marketplace.

The Ramtha market enables you to create your own online store, and we offer your goods for sale, and you can also buy and communicate with advertisers, and we can also browse the latest news that interests you and events also at the level of the neighborhood in which you despair, the village, the district, the governorate or the Kingdom level, and we also enable you to Develop your skills in buying and selling and exchanging experiences in various fields through the Ramtha Market application, which is easy to use without complications.

Providing an electronic platform that enables community members to buy and sell anything through our electronic auction at the best prices, providing social services in cooperation with the concerned authorities, networking with community members, providing a suitable environment for displaying events and weddings, and providing distinguished advertisements for those interested.