Amplify Your Business Operations to the Max

Embrace the concept of centralizing your entire business operations effortlessly. OpenTIQ ERP is the ultimate solution that empowers you to seamlessly manage your company's complete workflow from anywhere, at any time!

360 Degrees Of Deals Visibility

Experience enhanced deal management with Opentiq ERP's comprehensive 360-degree visibility. Easily access a calendar view for detailed deal tracking and enjoy unparalleled ease in managing your deals

Accounting & Bill Manage

Manage your business accounting and inventory effortlessly with OpenTIQ ERP. Set financial goals, invoice clients, handle taxation, and track your money in one convenient platform

Manage HR

Effortlessly manage your staff's personal details, roles, and access with OpenTIQ ERP. From attendance records to salary payments, take full control of your HR operations without any hassle

Manage Leads & Deals

Simplify client communication, streamline contracts, and accelerate estimate generation with OpenTIQ ERP. Crush deadlines by managing everything in one place, in minutes
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Streamline Your Work

Take Your Business To The Next Level.

Opentiq ERP makes managing your business easier than ever. It takes the hassle out of using multiple tools and puts everything you need in one place.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Integrated Financial Analytics

  • Easy management of staff details, be it, employees or clients, with easy filter options
  • Managing pre-sales effectively through Leads, Deals, and Estimate Management
  • Manage Invoices, Payments, Expenses, and Credit Notes through easy clicks. Never miss the due date from now on

OPETIQ ERP All-In-One Business System

Manage your Business & POS From Anywhere

Always looking for better ways to do things, innovate and help people achieve their goals. our system covers the full spectrum of managing Human Resources, Accounting systems, Leads Management, Sales, Invoicing, Customer Support, and much more

  • Stay Compliant And Report Your Finances Accurately
  • Choose The Right Sales Tax Automation Software
  • Transform Your Business Into A Sales Machine
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    ERP Solutions

    Business Features

    Manage Staff

    Manage your Employee and Client’s personal as well as company details through easy-to-create options

    Assign roles to each staff

    Our multi-user accounting tool allows you to assign roles to each of your staff

    Employee Management

    Through a detailed HR section, you can manage Attendance, Bulk Attendance, Holidays, Leaves, Meetings, Assets, Documents, and Company Policies


    With the help of the Payroll module, the set salary feature will help you to set the salary of your employees, particularly under various different heads set by you

    ERP Solutions

    Manage Pre-Sale


    You can view all the generated leads through a Kanban and List view. Create pipelines and assign stages to various leads


    Just like lead management, you can view deals in Kanban or List view. Get an overview of deals in a week, month, and deals in the last 30 days.


    Keep a tab on issued estimates. Manage the estimates by assigning Clients, Status, and Expiry Dates to each

    Form Builder

    Create and manage various required forms with diverse form fields, like, Text, Email, Number, Date, and Description as per the business needs of the users at large


    ERP Solutions

    Project Management





    ERP Solutions

    Manage Hr - Business Greatest Assets

    Manage All Employee Matters

    Whether you employ 5, 50, or 500 people, with our system, you can manage all employee matters. From hiring to performance and salaries - everything is under one roof

    Customize Your Easy-To-Use HRM System
    Customizable, versatile, and easy-to-use complete HRM system. You can also manage the Attendance, Bulk Attendance, Holidays, Leaves, Meetings, Assets, Documents, and Company Policies. Create, Edit and Filter as per your convenience.
    Get A Detailed Understanding Of Each Aspect Of The Employee
    Get a calendar view for every deal detail. In short, managing deals has never been easier with the ERP 360 degrees of deals visibility in the system.

    POS Solutions

    POS Module

    Discount on POS Products

    Barcode Print Module in POS System

    Thermal Print in POS Module

    Need more features?

    Awesome Features for your business

    Inventory Management in Invoice and Bill

    through the inventory management feature, you can monitor the inventory of each item you have registered with you. After generating the Invoice/ Bill, the quantity will automatically be updated in “Product & Services” for scrutiny. Overall, it is painless to maintain the inventory level of the products

    Customer/ Vendor Statement Report

    With the help of this “Customer/ Vendor Statement Report” Module, you can review the filtered particulars of that customer/ vendor for a certain period. This statement report includes the start and end dates, order details, and payment details along with the transaction history with the customer/ vendor.

    Thermal Print in Sales Module

    The main goal of a business is to cut both fixed and operational costs. Thermal Print’s feature here is extremely helpful. Thermal Printing is faster than other printing with fast and accurate services of Faster Labeling, Package Printing, and Receipt Printing. It also offers quick printing, sharpn

    Desktop Application for Tracking Project Hours

    You can track the time spent while working on any given project and its task by starting a timer. In addition, you can customize the settings for generating automatic screenshots of the tracker running within a particular time gap. You can set a minimum of 1 minute for the time gap between screenshots. Also, you can check the screenshots and delete the unnecessary and inappropriate ones if needed.

    Email Templates

    The email templates feature enables the user to choose from pre-defined and individualized email layouts rather than creating an entirely new email each time. Additionally, this provides readiness, uniformity of drafts, accessibility, and reduced effort required to draft the same email repeatedly. These templates can be created according to various needs.

    Zoom Integration

    Virtual meetings are no new to us. The Zoom Integration provides a platform where you can create a zoom meeting after giving inputs of asked details like; Client, User(s), Meeting Time, and Duration, and it generates a link through which people can join the meeting. You can create, View, Start, and Delete meetings with ease.

    Telegram Integration

    Hassle-free and instant message is one of the absolute ways to stay in tune and connected with projects and activities of the projects. With the Telegram Integration, you can get the notification of the actions performed regarding anything which interests you. Staying in tune with the performing jobs is smooth with this feature.

    Managing Items

    Add items and assign Categories, Purchases, Sales Prices, Taxes, Units, and Product types to them. Conclusively, everything you would want to keep a tab on.

    Sales Management

    Manage various aspects of sales like sending Invoices, making Payments, managing Expenses, and Credit Notes in a single tool. You can create new invoices and edit existing ones. Add new products and receipts to existing Invoices, edit Payments and Products. Resend the Invoices, send the payment reminders, and print the Invoices simply through a click. Similarly, you can manage Payments, Expenses, and Credit Notes with the utmost ease. All in all, keep all your sales fears at bay.

    Budget Planner

    A budget is a financial plan for a specified period to keep in check with the working capital. This feature here helps to maintain the capital flow. You can set monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly budgets according to your business plans and needs. The main categories are “Income” and “Expense” where one can edit /update /delete the sub-categories as well.

    Keep a tab on Contracts

    It’s hard to keep everything aligned in business. However, never miss a contract date from now on. Manage your contracts with utmost ease by assigning Start and Due Dates along with Contract Type, Value, Client, and a Description if required.

    Events and Notice Board

    Always be prepared for an upcoming event. Assign Employees and Departments to each event reminder. Create Events and add Descriptions to always keep a tab. Create and Issue a notice to Users, Clients, or Employees.

    Goals and Notes

    You can create goals and choose whether or not to display them on the Dashboard. You can also add files to your notes for support. Simple, isn’t it?


    Management shall go to waste if its result cannot be seen in reports. You can get a detailed report in the form of Graphs for Tasks, Time Logs, Financial Details, and Incomes/ Expenses. You can filter and search for reports for a specific time. Also get a detailed report of Leaves, Estimates, Invoices, and many similar aspects.

    Business Settings

    Manage business and company settings. Customize your system settings and print settings for Invoices and estimates. Also, manage the pusher settings.

    Our Pricing

    See Our Pricing Plans


    Starter Plan

    $19 / Month
    $199 / Year
    • Up to 10 Users
    • Up to 100 Customers
    • Up to 50 Vendors
    • Up to 50 Clients
    • 5 GB Storage
    • Enable CRM
    • Enable Account
    • 24/7 system monitoring
    • Security management
    • Remote support

    Basic Plan

    $39 / Month
    $399 / Year
    • Up to 25 Users
    • Up to 500 Customers
    • Up to 200 Vendors
    • Up to 200 Clients
    • 10 GB Storage
    • Enable CRM
    • Enable Account
    • Enable HRM
    • 24/7 system monitoring
    • Security management
    • Remote support

    Basic Plan

    $99 / Month
    $999 / Year
    • Unlimited Users
    • Unlimited Customers
    • Unlimited Vendors
    • Unlimited Clients
    • 50 GB Storage
    • Enable CRM
    • Enable CRM
    • Enable Project
    • Enable POS
    • Enable HRM
    • 24/7 system monitoring
    • Security management
    • Remote support
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